Your After Care Advice

Here is just a little bit of aftercare regarding our session of Indian Head Massage, or a Reflexology treatment. This is to ensure that you as my client receive the maximum benefit from your treatment.

Here is a list of recommendations

  • Increase the amount of water you drink for the next few days, this will help in flushing out toxins.
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine ( coffee, tea, pop)
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hrs; try to cut back on smoking, and most of all take time to relax.

As your body begins its self healing process and toxin release you may have these symptoms occur but they are all natural responses as you come into you natural body rhythm.

  • Runny nose, cough
  • Rash, on various spots of the body
  • Frequent bathroom visits
  • Perspiration
  • Deep Sleep ,,, but this could be a wonderful thing
  • CONDITIONS that have been suppressed may flare temporarily before they heal.